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Alexandr Kumpan.

Sci-fi horrors by Alexandr Kumpan:

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Sara, you ROCK!!! SO HARD!!! Cheers, Christina

Christina, you are awesome! Thank you. This made my day :) Love your Tumblr, you totally rock as well!


uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives

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Two ramblers, a Paperboy named Grover, and a Six Legged Tarantula named Herman the Elder were barreling through the Castle Catacombs after pillaging it to the bones for it’s treasures. They were the only good hearted beings left in Mount Moldy, but had turned to stealing from the Swamp Stacks since the Fanglord Giants took over”

Paintings currently in transit for a show at New Image later this month!

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© 2013, Kirsten Rothbart

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‘Cat Nap’
‘Sunken Succulents’ 

Illustrations by Nicole Gustafsson

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Verschroben (Russia) - 31.03.13. Effervesce, 2013    Digital Arts: Drawings

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Kitt Santos | On Tumblr!

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Erasing Amyloo by *LunaLouise

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